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HD800 Silver Poison 8ft sleeved

HD800 Silver Poison 8ft sleeved
Brand: Toxic Cables
Product Code: HD800 Silver 8ft
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Price: £205.00
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Silver Poison

The wire used for this cable is something very special and made only for me. Pure OCC Silver with Pure Gold injected into it to cover and microscopic gaps the silver might still have. This gives the signal an ultra smooth surface with no crystal boundaries. The gold also add a touch of extra punch in the low end frequency response that is often found a little wanting in silver cables. The total wire diameter is 26awg.

After a great deal of R&D this is a configuration I have found supplies a superior sound when used with this OCC silver cable.

The cable is fully shielded with a copper braid, if desired I can build this cable without shielding to make a super lightweight cable.

This cable is one of the best sounding on the market today. The base metal is a unidirectional UPOCC being almost free from impurity at 99.99998% purity the pure gold is then injected to make the final cable have 1% gold content.

This makes for surprisingly ideal electrical resistance properties and practically no crystal boundaries. This allows it to transmit signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC and silver cables. These features make the pure OCC silver the state-of-the art conductor materials for the audiophile cable industry.

This cable comes terminated with a 6.3mm high end Viablue jack. Please see below for other termination options.

All our headphone cables are litz braided by hand and covered in a luxury nylon multifilliment sleeving up to the Y split.

I use Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold solder for this cable as compared to the Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver solder in my other cable constructions. If you prefer Cardas solder used by all means request it. But I cannot recommend the Mundorf enough for this cable.

You will not find a better silver cable for your HD800 cans at any price. I pride myself on the quality craftsmanship of my cables and all of the cables are given the same attention to detail. 

All cables are hand made in the UK after receiving your order.

This price point was chosen as the right niche in the market to allow both audiophile and average consumer access to aftermarket cables. I started this business from a development of my personal audio interest. Having used the majority of the aftermarket cables available I have found my cables more than fit the bill.

 With every confidence that the cables will sell themselves as the cable just sounds amazing.

All cables come with a standard 1 Year warranty against manufacturing faults, please note the the warranty does not cover user wear and tear.

I am offering this cable for all headphone types. Please see my other listings. If you do not see what you need drop me a e-mail and I will provide a quote for your custom cable.

Well you must be thinking to yourself, "get on with it and tell us how this cable sounds" and all I can say is AMAZING, you need to hear and see this cable yourself to see just how good it really is.

You will not be disappointed.


Alternative terminations:

Dual 3 Pin Gold Plated Viablue Balanced XLR: add £30

4 Pin balanced Neutrik Gold Plated XLR: FREE

3.5mm Gold Plated Viablue Jack Plug: FREE

RSA Balanced Plug: FREE

iBasso Balanced Plug: add £5

Oyaide Focus 1 Dual 3 Pin Balanced XLR: add £200

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