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About Toxic Cables

Here at Toxic we take a lot of pride in what we build, every cable we build is made to the highest standard that you will not find elsewhere.

All the wires we use, with the exception on one has been designed from the ground up by us and specifically made for us, you will not find others using the same wire. We take our wire seriously and sometimes go through dozens of variations before we find one we like the sound of, and only then will we offer cables made with this wire to our customers. We have always taken the effort to post pictures of our R&D wires on the forums and our Facebook page, so that customers are able to see that we do carry out the R&D we say, unlike others who claim to spend thousands on it, yet the cables they release are made with wires they have never heard themselves before they released it, yet claim it to be one of the best wires they “will” have.

Neither do we let the wire manufacturers corner us in to selling what they have, our wires are made to our specs, not the specs that are convenient to the manufacturer. You will not find us changing the spec of our wires or the insulation and claiming it to be an improvement on what we used previously, when in reality the change was made because the manufacturer stopped offering the other design, as the new one is cheaper for them to produce, we have seen many manufacturers doing this and know this because we are also emailed regarding the changes being made by these factories.

One thing you are guaranteed when buying from Toxic, is that you will be receiving the very best, made with the highest quality parts and with wires that were designed by us from ground up, no exceptions, no cutting corners and especially not using the factories that can give the cheapest prices on wires.

To date, no other cable manufacturer has been able to beat us on quality and sound when it comes to headphone cables and interconnects, we only sell cables that we would use ourselves and price them at what we ourselves would be happy to pay.

Should you have any inquires, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at toxiccablesmatt@gmail.com and i will reply to you personally.

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