Hydra 22 – 22AWG Litz OCC Pure Silver Cable


Toxic Cables Hydra 22 Simply the best pure silver litz cable available anywhere

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Hydra 22 Headphone Cable

22AWG Type 4 OCC Cryo Pure Silver Litz 

Headphone cables are supplied at 6 feet as standard and are fully customizable.

Please have a look at our near 600 page Appreciation thread and see what our cables have to say about our cables and the cable you are purchasing

Pure OCC Cryo Type 4 Litz Silver 

The Hydra is the first of it’s kind, not only is it our first pure silver litz cable, this cable utilises 3 different sized silver strands within each of the 6 bundled silver strands within each wire. All of the 4 wires used to make each cable contain 6 bundles of silver strands with each bundle being made from 3 different sized OCC Pure Silver strands with cotton dampening at the core of the wire.

Previously we have always used gold based cables, although not as conductive as pure silver (which our competitors will always point out) we have always believed in designing wired based on how they sound, regardless of how conductive they might be.

We have still always wanted to offer our customers an all silver cable, we did at a point with the Anthrax stranded silver cable,but i soon took this off the shelf as it was not anywhere near as popular as our silver/gold cables.

Earlier this year, i started working with the leading manufacturer of Pure OCC Wires who we have had a good relationship with for many years and agreed to make us small batches of wire with my specific designs, till i loved the sound of a particular design and we hit gold on the 3rd batch and after refining it a little, we now have the 4th and final batch in hand.




Here at Toxic Cables we pride ourselves on quality and innovation.

Toxic Cables has been leading the way in new design and innovation in headphone cables since it was founded in 2011. The very first cable we released was the baby brother to this cable, the Silver Poison which was an OCC Cryo Silver/Gold stranded wire, the very first in the industry.

Within months of founding Toxic Cables, we had a huge line up of cables available to our customers, with over 8 cables to choose from at the time, our customers had every type of cable they could want under one roof, compared to our competitors 2/4 offering.

Soon we followed on with more firsts to the industry, including our true hybrid Virus and our Silver Litz “Silver Widow” cables and now the multi sized strand Hydra line up.

We won’t tell you how good our cables are or how good they sound as we have always believed that we should let our cables speak for themselves and if you click on the link above and read the reviews from our customers, i am sure you will find that they do exactly that.

No fancy words, no hard selling, just honest reviews from first hand users.





2 reviews for Hydra 22 – 22AWG Litz OCC Pure Silver Cable

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was very excited when Frank introduced new cable, the Hydra. From what I saw, the cable is absolutely beautiful which you can always expect from Frank’s cables.
    Without hesitation, I ordered it for my LCD-2 based on always great advice from Frank.
    I will post a review again once I get the cable.
    Nevertheless, I am very certain that the Hydra will absolutely put a smile on my face once I listen to it as I am happy with all Frank’s other cables (BW French Silk, BW22, Silver Poison) I have.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I have got the Hydra for 3 weeks. I can say without hesitation that it is the best toxic cable I own (I also own BW French Silk, BW22 and SP). Its midrange and treble are its strength. Overall, the Hydra is a sweet-sounding, transparent and ultra-detailed cable. To my surprise, its bass is great too. At first, I was kinda worried about its bass. After real listening, I am very pleased with its bass and I don’t feel that it lacks any bass at all. Its bass is tight and tuneful. In comparison with SP, the Hydra is clearly a better cable. The SP is a good cable. When I first listened to SP, I felt it was a good cable. However, when I first listened the Hydra, I deeply felt “Wow!”. This is a special cable and the best toxic cable I own. Honestly, I don’t have a chance to own or listen to SW22 yet but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the Hydra!

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