Virus 24 OCC V2 Silver/Copper Litz True Hybrid Headphone Cable


Toxic Cables Virus, the first true hybrid cable

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Virus “true hybrid” Headphone Cable

24AWG Type 4 OCC Cryo Silver and Copper Litz wire.

The new V2 Virus is extremely flexible and very confortable

Toxic Cables Virus was the first ever “original” true hybrid headphone/earphone cable to be made available.

The Virus contains both OCC Silver and OCC Copper bundled strands within the same wire and was the first cable of it’s type that provided the best of both silver and copper cables

Headphone cables are supplied at 6 feet as standard and are fully customizable.

Please have a look at our near 600 page Appreciation thread and see what our cables have to say about our cables and the cable you are purchasing

Here at Toxic Cables we pride ourselves on quality and innovation and the Virus is no exception, being the first cable of it’s king that has been a huge success with those looking for the qualities of both silver and copper cables in a single package, and it does not disappoint.

We don’t need to tell you how good our cables are or how good they sound as we have always believed that we should let our cables speak for themselves and if you click on the link above and read the reviews from our customers, i am sure you will find that they do exactly that.

No fancy words, no hard selling, just honest reviews from first hand users.






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